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Types of Psychologists

Psychology contains several specialist areas or fields.  Some, though not all, are explained below. For further information about types of psychology, and any other aspect of psychology, including your rights as client, please visit the Australian Psychological Society webpage here

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical psychologists specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of major mental illnesses and psychological problems. 

A Clinical psychologist often assists clients with conditions including schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and severe depressive illness. 

Clinical psychologists can work in a range of settings including private practice, dealing with a broad range of psychological issues.

Forensic and Criminal Justice Psychologists
Forensic psychology relates specifically to psychological work in the legal and justice system. 

Forensic psychologists may supply written or verbal testimony and evidence to the court and may be involved in the assessment of defendants, victims and witnesses involved in civil, criminal or family related legal matters, as well as providing expert psychological evidence in coroner related matters. 

Forensic/Criminal Justice Psychologists may also work in correctional systems with prisoners and offenders, typically to reduce their risk of reoffending using offending behaviour programs and approaches.
Neuropsychologists specialise in psychological disorders that relate to conditions affecting the brain. 

They are trained to assess, diagnose and treat clients who experience conditions such as loss of memory and learning disabilities. 

You may wish to see a neuropsychologist if you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties with memory, language, cognition, behaviour or development issues.
Organisational Psychologists
Organisational psychologists have a focus on the workplace and deal with organisations, teams and individual employees. 

They analyse organisations and the people within them in order to devise strategies to improve performance, motivation, development, effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. 

They can also help organisations to manage organisational change and inspire their employees.
Sports Psychologists
Sports psychology is the study of the psychological factors that influence the development and performance of those involved in sport. 

A sports psychologist is often used by elite athletes, coaches, trainers and managers, but this area of psychology is also accessed by recreational athletes, umpires, referees and performance artists such as musicians, dancers and actors.
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