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The Therapy Process

This page gives an overview about how the therapy/counselling process at BMD Psychology Consulting generally works.

Your first counselling/therapy appointment is arranged. 

This may be have been arranged by booking an appointment online here; calling BMD Psychology Consulting on 0403 22 6963; sending an inquiry using the form on the Contact page here; or emailing BMD Psychology Consulting here.  

Alternatively, your GP may have referred you to BMD Psychology Consulting.

Once the first appointment is arranged, you will be asked to complete an Intake Form before your first session (this is explained in more detail below).

At the first session, the psychologist will explain how therapy works and answer your questions (more details below).

Together you and your psychologist will discuss your therapy goals and work out a suitable treatment plan.

The number of sessions you attend will be dependent on your needs and circumstances (more details below).


Depending on BMD Psychology Consulting's current client caseload, you may be placed on a waitlist before you are able to start your therapy sessions. 

If all available caseloads are full at the time of your referral, BMD Psychology Consulting will advise you and your referrer (if you have been referred by a third party) of the likely waiting time before your first appointment. 

BMD Psychology Consulting maintains a cancellation list, and can sometimes offer new clients a session left unexpectedly vacant by a cancellation. Such bookings may be offered at short notice. 

Session Frequency

Frequency of sessions varies by client, and is based on a number and combination of variables, including the type and nature of the issues the client would like to work on and address, current functioning and well being of the client and their associated need for therapist support, and number of rebated sessions available to the client and how these would be most effectively utilised to provide optimum assistance, support and therapeutic progress for the client.

Sessions may be more frequent at the beginning of therapy, and frequency is often reduced toward the latter stages of therapy.  


Every therapy session with a BMD Psychology Consulting psychologist is private and confidential.  There are some limited and specific exceptions to this confidentiality, as set out in the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics (2007) here.  These limitations to confidentiality apply if there is an immediate or specified risk of harm to an identifiable person’s safety, including the client, or if a client’s file is subpoenaed by law. 

Not withstanding these exceptions, all the information shared during your sessions is for the sole purpose of your assessment, diagnosis and treatment and helps your psychologist provide you with the best possible treatment and support.

First Session

At your first session with the BMD Psychology Consulting psychologist, we will explain how therapy works and answer your questions, and we will explain how Medicare rebates work and how they can reduce your expenses. 

The psychologist will use your responses on the intake form to help assess and clarify your situation in the first session.  By the end of the first session, you and your psychologist will have a more comprehensive understanding of your current situation and any relevant historic factors that may be impacting on you now.

Between you, you will start identifying the main goals of the therapy you will engage in together, and this will be further refined as your work together progresses.

Intake Form

Once you make contact with BMD Psychology Consulting and have arranged your initial appointment, we will ask you to complete an intake form, using an online form-completion and submission process.  If you do not have access to the internet or are unable to use the online process, you can download it from this website or we can email or post the form to you.

The form asks you to:

briefly outline your main reason for seeking therapy

describe briefly any previous experiences with therapy (what you learned, how you found it)

give a brief overview of your early childhood, family of origin, schooling, employment, relationship and medical and substance use histories

outline your current employment and family/relationship situation

make a note of any medications you have taken in the past or are taking now (especially any psychiatric medications)

note any previous or current psychiatric or psychological diagnosis or issues

The Intake Form helps you and your psychologist identify the current concerns you have and what you hope to achieve from therapy.  It will assist your psychologist to ask the right questions at your first session, and will help the development of an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Number of Sessions

The therapy process is different for every individual and for different presenting issues and conditions.  The number of sessions you will need therefore depends on your unique circumstances.  Some people resolve their issues in small number of sessions, while others prefer or require more sessions. 

Clients who would like to continue therapy after any Medicare rebate allowance for the calendar year has been used, can opt to continue to see their psychologist as a full fee paying client (paying the full session fee out of their own pocket).  Some clients prefer not to use their Medicare rebate for psychology sessions, and opt to attend as full fee paying clients from the beginning of their therapy.

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