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Supervision Services

BMD Psychology Consulting is available to provide clinical supervision and broader support services to a range of staff including provisional psychologists, registered psychologists and other allied health staff, as well as support and debriefing services to non-clinical staff working in complex environments.  

Supervision services are provided from specialist practice rooms at 95 Victoria St, Williamstown, VIC 3016.

Supervision Approach

BMD Psychology Consulting uses a holistic supervision approach, where clinical practice is viewed contextually and influencing factors are incorporated in supervision.  These may include systemic and organisational influences, supervisee variables, as well as client variables.

BMD Psychology Consulting believes supervision can be a stimulating, rewarding, supportive and constructive experience that can be of great benefit to practitioners and their clients.  In addition, supervision provides a forum for practitioners to discuss the inevitable ethical and practice questions that are inherent in clinical work. 

We strongly advocate for the supervision process to be transparent, open, and safe.  We believe frank and full discussion about clinical practice, ethical dilemmas and boundary issues are an important aspect of the supervision process, and it is our view that the supervisory process can and ought to provide an appropriate place to explore and safely manage such issues. 

Early identification, intervention and management of complex ethical issues is an important practitioner responsibility and supervision can play an important role in this.


Please note that BMD Psychology Consulting:

has a particular interest in providing debriefing and supervision services to practitioners working in complex environments and/or with complex clients or situations, including those working in correctional, forensic, emergency services or other complex environments

can provide supervision to registered psychologists and other allied health staff

can provide supervision to provisional psychologists

can also provide debriefing, support and education services to non-clinical staff, particularly those working in difficult environments in a non-clinical capacity, such as police, emergency services personnel, and similar professionals

Supervision Agreements

BMD Psychology Consulting asks that all supervisees sign a supervision agreement, in the interest of clarity and transparency about such issues as contact, frequency, cancellations, resolution of issues or concerns, parameters of supervision, and confidentiality.

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