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Brenda Dolieslager

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Specialist Consulting Services

BMD Psychology Consulting is able to provide a wide range of consulting services, however the firm has a particular interest and expertise in the following areas.

Brenda Dolieslager is also the founder and Managing Director of Squared Impact, an outcomes measurement solutions firm specialising in practical social change outcome measurement, including outcome focused software implementations and training services.  Visit SquaredImpact for more information.

Specialist Workplace Coaching

Coaching, support and education services for individuals and their managers (especially those in demanding human service environments):

Coaching and wrap-around management solutions for professional boundary issues in complex human services settings with a focus on prevention and early intervention

Tailored coaching and wrap around management solutions for individuals, managers and human resource departments to address a broad range of sensitive workplace, performance and well being issues

Provision of advice and assistance in implementing preventative strategic and operational measures to reduce the incidence of workforce issues and increase workforce well being and functioning

Staff Supervision, Support & Education

Specialist consultation to practitioners and staff, including:

Support and supervision of practitioners and staff working in human service environments or with complex clients

Preparation and debriefing services for staff  (especially those working in difficult and demanding workplaces)

Consultation on all types of offending behaviour, including sex offending and violent offending, and working with offender populations
Educative and training services for practitioners, operational and executive/management staff in offending behaviour programs and service delivery, mental health and psychological issues, and human behaviour

Clinical, Strategic and Operational Consultation for Complex Service Delivery Models

Specialist clinical and programmatic, as well as strategic and operational consultation to organisations with complex service delivery requirements:

Particularly for organisations with programmatic and psychological service delivery models

Particularly for organisations or businesses with projects or initiatives requiring psychological research, evaluation or implementation expertise

Provision of consult and advice in the review and (re)design of service delivery models or projects

Development of supporting systems, frameworks and processes

Provision of advice in regard to service delivery staffing models and requirements

Provision of assistance with the implementation of service delivery models

Particular expertise in the area of offending behaviour service delivery models

Provision of assistance in developing and maintaining monitoring, auditing and evaluating processes


Services Not Listed

If your requirements differ from those described on this website, please do not hesitate to contact Brenda at BMD Psychology Consulting to discuss your needs.  The firm has a broad and transferable skill set and the consulting services BMD can provide are not limited to those described here.

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