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Brenda Dolieslager

Psychology services are provided at 95 Victoria St, Williamstown, VIC 3016. 

Types of Issues Addressed in Therapy

Below is an overview of the main kinds of issues BMD Psychology Consulting can assist you with, although this list is not exhaustive and many other concerns can be successfully addressed in therapy:

Short term solution focused therapy to help you prepare for or manage a significant life event

Therapy for more serious mental health problems including depression, anxiety, trauma and a range of other psychological conditions

 Couples and relationship therapy 

Coaching and support for career and workplace issues and development

Details About Specific Psychological Issues

More detailed information about various psychological conditions, disorders and issues can be read by clicking on the name of the issue on this page Psychological Issues We Can Help You With.


To see BMD Psychology Consulting fees for individual or couples sessions see our Fees page.

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