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Brenda Dolieslager

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Psychology & Clinical Experience

The firm's managing director, Brenda Dolieslager, has worked as a clinical psychologist in a range of environments, primarily in a number of correctional settings in both New Zealand and Australia.  She has also worked in adult mental settings, pain management and brain injury environments, and has managed her own private psychological practice for more than 5 years in Wiliamstown, VIC.  

BMD's associate psychologists also have extensive experience working in complex human service environments including correctional and community based service delivery models, private practice and across many operational and corporate roles.

Clinically, Brenda and BMD's associate psychologists have provided therapy to a wide range of male and female clients ranging in age from 17 to 75 years, and have worked with many psychological issues and conditions.  We are experienced in providing both individual and couples therapy, intensive group therapies, and clinical supervision (of allied health and adjunct professionals).

Psychological Treatment

Brenda and BMD associate psychologists have treated clients with many different kinds of psychological problems and concerns, including:

 anxiety disorders
 personality disorders
 grief and loss
 sleep problems
 interpersonal difficulties
 conflict resolution
 other mood disorders

 problem solving
 managing emotions
 managing stress
 managing distress
 substance abuse
 psychotic illness
 relationship issues
 workplace problems
 career coaching
 self confidence

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