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Brenda Dolieslager

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Other Consulting Services

BMD Psychology Consulting is also available to provide consultation services and assistance in the following areas:

Organisational Wellbeing

Assist organisations to develop proactive strategic and practical approaches to maintaining the day-to-day wellbeing and functioning of their workforce

Educate organisations at all staff levels about general psychological functioning and common psychological problems, including the ways psychological problems may manifest  in the workplace

Provide education and training to all levels of staff to improve capacity and confidence in identifying and appropriately responding to and supporting staff and colleagues experiencing such issues

Provide general life skills training to all levels of staff to promote healthy functioning at work and at home (as separate from specialist coaching of specific staff for specific issues)

Training & Group Coaching

Psychological functioning generally, including specific disorders and problems

Psychological functioning in specific circumstances or contexts

Offending behaviour and responses to offending behaviour

Life and self management skills training 

Other training in clinical, forensic or organisational functioning as required

Change Management

Assist organisations, managers and staff to effectively manage change and periods of uncertainty

Using expert understanding of human behaviour assist organisations to create shifts in organisational culture

Leadership Development

Coach leaders and managers to:

Build and maintain functioning teams

Confidently and appropriately challenge staff

Collaborate and consult effectively

Services Not Listed

If your requirements differ from those described on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.  The consulting services BMD can provide are not limited to those described here.

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