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Is Therapy For Me?

It is important to note that therapy is not only for people diagnosed with a mental health condition, although it can be particularly effective for these types of issues too. 

Therapy can also be very effective for people who are preparing for or experiencing a significant life event, such as the birth of a baby, pending wedding and marriage, buying or selling houses, or changing careers or jobs.  In these cases therapy can assist you to learn effective stress management techniques, restore balance and perspective, identify unhelpful habits or attitudes and get you through the hardest parts.

People who have experienced a significant loss or who are struggling with feelings of loneliness, disconnection or a persistent feeling of being unhappy or unsatisfied with their life can also benefit greatly from the input and assistance of a skilled therapist.

People seek therapy, or counselling, for a variety of reasons, and at different points in their lives. Sometimes this is prompted by a diagnosis (medical or psychological), sometimes by a significant life event, sometimes because friends or family have suggested that speaking to a professional might be beneficial. 

More information about why people go to see psychologists can be found at the APS website here.

Alone or Together?

People can attend therapy alone, with their partners (relationship therapy) or with their families (family therapy).

Often, a client may attend alone but the therapist and client might together decide that inviting a significant person or persons to attend one or more sessions for a specific purpose is beneficial.

Please note that BMD does not offer family therapy, however if appropriate and with the client's permission, family members may be consulted or invited to attend some sessions to assist the client to share learnings and to provide psyco-education and support to family members.

Couples Therapy

Couples requiring couples therapy usually attend together.  Sometimes one or both partners request to also see a therapist individually. 

The decision about the benefits and/or disadvantages of such an approach should be discussed and explored with all parties before a decision is made about engaging in separate individual sessions with couples who are in therapy together.

BMD provides relationship therapy and we draw on Gottman techniques and other couples therapy approaches in our relationship work with clients.  Please ask us about our approach to managing confidentiality with couples.

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