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Important Facts About Therapy

Therapy is an effective and valuable way for people to learn how to manage, come to terms with or adapt to many situations and issues. 

There are a number of reasons for this, some of which are described below.  

  Therapy is a collaborative process between you and the psychologist, and you are encouraged to take an active role in the direction and content of the therapy process

Therapy is an opportunity to partner with a skilled professional who is there entirely to support and assist you in achieving a balanced, healthy and satisfying life

Therapy can assist you to deal with, manage, resolve or accept current issues and circumstances and can make a big positive difference in your life quite quickly

Therapy involves working with an objective professional who is not personally involved in your situation or circumstance, and who can therefore provide an objective and non-judgemental perspective and environment 

A clinical psychologist brings intensive training and knowledge about psychological issues and the therapy process to the work you do together

Therapy assists you to set and reach achievable life and well being goals

Social Supports

The things listed on this page mean working with a psychologist is quite different from talking to friends and family, and this contributes to the success of therapy.

That said, a healthy support network can be a vital component to successful therapy and to making and maintaining positive changes in your life.  A psychologist can help you maximise your access to and use of available support people in your life as part of the work you do together.

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