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BMD Psychology Consulting Fees

Current BMD Psychology Consulting fees are listed below:

Counselling/Therapy Fees

The session rates at BMD Psychology Consulting for a standard 55 minute therapy session are described below.

It is worth noting that the Australian Psychological Society’s recommended individual session rate for clinical psychologists in 2019 is $251.00 per 45-60 minute session for individuals.  BMD Psychology Consulting rates are substantially lower than this.

BMD Psychology Consulting psychology sessions are provided by qualified and experienced registered clinical and registered non-clinical psychologists.  The Medicare rebate differs across these types of psychologists, however the session rates are such that the out-of-pocket expense is the same irrespective of psychologist type.  This ensures there is no cost advantage or disadvantage associated with which psychologist a client sees at BMD Psychology Consulting.

Please also see the Medicare & Other Rebates page for information about rebates that may be applicable for counselling sessions.

The full fee is to be paid by the client at the end of each session. Clients may use eftpos, cash or cheque to pay, and immediate Medicare rebates are available via the EasyClaim system (as long as clients have provided their bank account details to Medicare prior to claiming the immediate rebate).  Clients can also claim Medicare rebates online or at a Medicare office.

If you are claiming health fund rebates you will be provided with a receipt and item number generally accepted by most health funds to support your claim.

Individual Sessions

The rate for standard 55 minute sessions with a Clinical Psychologist is $200 or $160 with a Registered Psychologist.

With a Medicare Rebate applied, the out-of-pocket expense is $75 for either option.

Couples Sessions

The rate for standard 55 minute couple sessions is $225 or $185 with a Registered Psychologist.

Medicare rebates do not apply to couple therapy sessions generally.  However in a relationship that is experiencing difficulties often one or both individuals are also dealing with impacts of this that are elegible for Medicare rebated sessions.

Where individual presenting problems are impacted by the relationship difficulties and vice versa, these individual issues may well be more successfully addressed within the context of the relationship, and in this case a Medicare Rebate may be applied.  The out-of-pocket expense is then $100 for either option.

It can also at times be useful to provide adjunct individual therapy sessions, as long as clear parameters about confidentiality and information sharing between individual and couple sessions is established.

Supervision Fees

Standard individual clinical and professional supervision generally starts at $170 per hour.

Group supervision generally starts at $220 per hour for 3 people or less, and for groups of 4-7 people fees are usually calculated at $80 per person per hour.  Supervision for groups larger than 7 people will be priced by negotiation.

All supervision fees are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Cancellation Fees

It’s understandable that there may be times you cannot attend your scheduled appointment and require a reschedule.  However, when you book a session, the whole hour has been reserved for you. Therefore, 24 hours notice of cancellation is required.

A cancellation fee of 50% of your normal therapy session rate will be charged for non-attendance or for less than 24 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling requirements, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Timely cancellation allows us to book in another client who may be on the waiting list. 

BMD Psychology Consulting sends session reminder emails and/or SMS reminders 72 hours prior to your scheduled session to assist you.

Cancellation fees are not reimbursed by Medicare and will leave you personally out of pocket.

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