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Brenda Dolieslager

Style & Approach

BMD Psychology Consulting believes that a collaborative counselling style works best for clients and offers a quality, supportive, respectful and effective counselling/therapy service to all kinds of clients, for all kinds of psychological concerns and issues.


Psychologists at BMD Psychology Consulting work with clients to establish achievable goals and outcomes for therapy. 

We prioritise the development of a healthy and effective therapeutic relationship between the client and the psychologist, inviting and providing feedback about the therapeutic process and progress, and encouraging clients to take an active role in their therapy.

Self Management

BMD Psychology Consulting views therapy as a vehicle, and the psychologist as a resource.  Both are at a client's disposal in their journey to develop a tool kit of life skills and self management techniques.  

In this way, therapy provides clients a forum in which to explore issues and concerns, learn about themselves, and ultimately walk away with the skills and capacity to self-manage their needs and their lives in an effective and healthy way. 

These skills are with the client for life, and will support and assist them long after therapy has come to an end.

Therapy Environment

BMD Psychology Consulting provides a safe and non-judgemental environment in which clients can identify and articulate their primary concerns.  Psychologists at the firm work with clients to develop an effective, time limited treatment plan to address these issues. 

BMD Psychology Consulting believes that assisting clients to maintain motivation is important, and that providing support to clients as they begin to confront and address the issues that brought them to therapy is a crucial component of good therapy.

We also prioritise personal accountablity and direct and honest communication in ourselves, and in our work with clients. We also believe good therapy must include a focus on practical strategies and skills.

BMD Psychology Consulting aims to help clients develop insight and self awareness, and to learn new skills for meeting their own needs and managing themselves and their lives effectively.


BMD Psychology Consulting uses only evidence-based and best practice approaches in therapy/counselling. 

The primary therapeutic approach used by psychologists at BMD Psychology Consulting is cognitive behavioural therapy, however elements of other therapeutic approaches will also be incorporated as appropriate, including Solution Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Schema Therapy. 

See Types of Therapy page for more details.

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